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Emily turned her financial scare into financial control with the help from UWCU.

Meet Emily and read her UWCU Member Story.

After dealing with unfortunate circumstances including high-rate medical bills and a stolen wallet, Emily is on her way to a brighter financial future.

It was a rough start to the day. I had lost my wallet and was just starting the process of trying to freeze all my accounts before anyone could use my cards.

I’m a cello teacher, and many of my students pay me through online payment services that are directly connected to my debit card. Not even 30 minutes after my card was taken, all that money was withdrawn from my account. I was devasted.

Right away, I received a call from a 608-area code, and I knew it was UW Credit Union.

When Jason from UW Credit Union called me, he took no time at all to begin cancelling my cards. He even opened a small line of credit to help me cover any overdraft charges that might occur while the reversal of the fraudulent transactions was being completed.​

I remember feeling stressed beyond belief. I was already in an uncomfortable place financially due to unexpected medical bills that I’d been working on paying off over the last few years. Due to these medical bills, I had put about $20,000 on credit cards. As the interest rate continued to increase, so did my payments and the light at the end of the tunnel seemed farther away.

While working with Jason at UW Credit Union, I was telling him about a credit card payment that was supposed to be coming out that same day and how the credit card company wasn’t as forgiving about the situation. During that conversation, Jason offered up the idea of a personal loan to help pay off this debt faster. I was hesitant because I didn’t think I would qualify for a loan, especially without a cosigner.

Jason explained all the details about the personal loan, how it would work, and the application and approval process. He told me he was determined to help get me out of a 25% interest rate credit card.

What started out as one of the worst days of my life was completely turned around by Jason’s help. I now feel like I have more control over my finances and am on the path to buying a home.

I am originally from the west coast and don’t even live in Wisconsin. About five years ago, my partner, who is a UW-Madison alum and UW Credit Union member, suggested I join too. I did some research and quickly found that their mission and vision were in the right place. Especially after this situation, I can say I’m glad I became a member. UW Credit Union has been a great cheerleader in supporting me in my financial journey.

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