Starting New Chapters

While her son was starting college, Jan was beginning a new life stage as well.

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When my son, Austin, was a teenager getting ready for college, he needed a bank account. And coincidentally, I was going through a life transition when my husband and I separated. So, I also needed to set up finances for myself, since we had always had joint accounts.

When you’re making those changes, it’s kind of scary and you feel vulnerable. You’re leaving the life you knew and having to create new. Organizing my finances was the first step for me of finding an identity again. And it was the same for my son during his life transition. It’s just banking but it’s tied to these emotions. Your financial institution is your stability. It’s where you go to establish or reestablish yourself and feel anchored.

Since Austin was going to UW-Madison, the first place we thought of was UW Credit Union. I took him over to the branch on Mayfair Road in Wauwatosa, and they helped him set up a bank account and debit card and helped him figure out online banking. They were so nice and explained to him how to transfer money and use a debit card and credit card. It was perfect for him.

Just like my son, I was creating my new identity. Suddenly at my age I needed to be independent. The team helped me set up a checking account, savings account, credit card. I needed to start small and move forward.

The team were just phenomenal. They probably didn’t even know what it meant to me; you never know what people are going through. They’re just doing their job and doing it well, but – guess what – you’ve made that person’s day. They’re just there to help. I enjoy every time I go in, I know they’ll take good care of me. No matter the issue they can always help.

For both my son and me, we know we can turn to UWCU. When it gets to the point where I’m ready to buy a house, a car, I know I can go to the credit union. For Austin, once he graduates and wants to buy a car, he knows where to go. He and his girlfriend are thinking about the future and want to have a house together. And UWCU has all that.

Life can be a little unsteady or even turbulent, but you learn and grow from it. It takes work and effort and patience and a lot of faith that things will work out in the end. It’s interesting how people show up in your life. With UWCU, I feel taken care of by people who go out of their way to help me with genuine kindness and friendliness.

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