Improving Personal Credit

Like many college students, Quincy wasn’t sure how to manage his money. UWCU was there to help.   

Meet Quincy and read his UWCU Member Story.

I’ve sort of been in a financial crisis, because I have no car and I’m traveling from Wisconsin Dells to Madison every day for school. I’m spending $20 a day in gas driving my mom’s car.

I’m studying cabinetmaking, and Madison College has the best program for this, which you have to attend in person, so I have to make the drive. I tried to take out an auto loan at some places and was rejected. I have no prior credit history, which makes it difficult to get a loan.

I really didn’t know what to do. At Madison College there’s a UW Credit Union branch on campus. I thought I may as well ask them if there’s anything they could do to help.

I went inside the branch and talked to a Financial Specialist there called Ryan. 

He was so knowledgeable and understanding and friendly. He really checked into my situation and helped me look for ways to save money and how to manage my money.

Ryan found that one of the places I’d applied for an auto loan with had run multiple credit checks on me, which isn’t great for your credit. Ryan helped me set up a savings account and get a credit card, which has been so helpful and will help me build my credit. He wants me to come back and let them know how I’m doing. I can tell he’s doing the best he can to help me.

I was not expecting Ryan to try to help me figure things out as much as he did. He made me feel like I have a path now and have better control. For anyone else in a similar situation to me, I’d say check your credit score. Go to UW Credit Union. Go talk to Ryan.

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