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Refinance to Refresh Your Life

Build equity faster and pay off your home sooner by refinancing your mortgage. Plus, take cash out for debt consolidation, home improvements and more.

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Traditional Refinance

Classic refinancing for loans up to $484,350. Learn More 


Rapid Refinance

Pay off your mortgage in 12 years - closing costs just $1491. Learn More 


Jumbo Refinance

Refinancing for loan balances over $484,350. Learn More 


Refinance with Confidence

At UW Credit Union, we'll work hard to make your refinancing experience easy and stress-free.

Local team - We streamline the process and are here when you need us.
Online applications - Submitting your refinance application online is a snap!
Easy rate quotes - Explore options for your unique situation.

Get Ahead by Refinancing

Refinancing basically involves replacing your current mortgage with a new one that’s a better fit. Benefits include:

  • Paying off your home sooner by reducing your mortgage term.
  • Building equity faster with a shorter mortgage term and different monthly payments.
  • Taking cash out for home improvements, college, debt consolidation and more. Using your home’s equity to refinance for more than you owe on your balance, you can get a cash payout.
  • Lowering your monthly payments by changing your mortgage rate and term.

Homeownership Resources

Your home is likely your biggest investment and most important asset. Make the most of it with a range of support and options from UW Credit Union.

  • Calculators - Crunch the numbers for your refinance, debt payoff and more.
  • Home Equity - Tap into the built-up equity in your home with a home equity loan or line of credit.
  • Seminars - Choose from a variety of free financial workshops to learn more about real estate and investing

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Enjoy the Benefits of Membership

When you open an account and refinance your mortgage, you become a member of UW Credit Union. Your membership gives you access to better rates and fewer fees than you'll find elsewhere, plus a range of valuable discounts and services like free financial seminars and budget help.

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