No Car Payments, No Interest
for 90 Days

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Move your auto loan to UW Credit Union to lock in a low rate and take advantage of no payments and no interest for 90 days. Hurry, this special offer ends December 31, 2021.



Take a Break from Car Payments

Does your budget need some breathing room?

Enjoy no payments, no interest for 90 days3 when you move your auto loan from another lender to UW Credit Union.

We'll help you save with:

  • Budget-friendly rates
    • Rates for new vehicles as low as 1.47% APR*
    • Rates for used vehicles as low as 1.52% APR*
  • No application fees
  • 0.25% interest rate discount with Value or Premium Checking
  • No early prepayment penalties
  • Great low rates and a range of terms

The refinance process is quick, easy and completely online.

Apply by December 31 to pay nothing for 90 days!

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What Is Auto Refinancing?

When you refinance, you replace your current auto loan with a new one that may have different a term and/or rate. Refinancing with UW Credit Union can help you:

  • Get a lower interest rate
  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Shorten your term to pay off your loan faster

Auto refinancing can be a smart way to give your budget a break. In fact, members save an average of $2,883 over the life of their loan by refinancing with UW Credit Union.4


Refinancing Online Is Fast & Easy

  • 1Gather Your Info
    Collect your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and loan details, including how much you owe and the name of your lender.
  • 2Apply Online
    Submit your loan application online in just a few minutes.
  • 3Finalize Your Financing
    We’ll help arrange to pay off your old loan and set up your new loan with us.
  • 4Pay Nothing for 90 Days
    Make no payments and pay no interest for the first 90 days of your loan. Then, sign up for automatic payments to “set it and forget it.”

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Refinance your auto loan with UW Credit Union and enjoy the freedom of no payments and no interest for 90 days

New Vehicle1

Rates as Low as
APR * 48 mo.

Used Vehicle2

Rates as Low as
APR * 36 mo.