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Woman holds a child outside in the winter

Five Easy Ways to Manage Money While You Travel

Know before you go! Use these tips to get your finances ready for your next big travel adventure.

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Young man sitting in his living room with his laptop checking is credit score on UWCU's Web Branch.

3 Ways to Protect Your Credit from Identity Thieves

Taking a few extra precautions to help to keep your personal information secure and prevent you from falling prey to identity theft.

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Know your account security as fraudsters try new and convincing methods.

DO’s and DON’Ts of Account Security

Remember, UW Credit Union will never call you to ask for a security text code. When in doubt, hang up!

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Man learning about cyber security and protecting his accounts online.

Boost Your Cybersecurity IQ With These Tips

Learn how to identify a phishing or vishing attempt by understanding these common fraud tactics.

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Man sits with his son while using a laptop.

10 Common Financial Scams and How to Avoid Them

Review some common financial scams to help you be smarter and more cautious with your information.

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