Loan Tips & Articles

Couple looks at new house.

10 Common Mortgage Terms

Get a quick review of common terms and acronyms you’ll come across as you buy your house.

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Car sitting on desk by expenses.

The Costs of Car Ownership

An auto loan can take up a big chunk of your monthly budget, so make sure you have the right loan for you.

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Woman talking with home inspector.

Home Inspection Checklist

Review this list of common home inspection items to ensure your dream home meets your standards.

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Family reviewing escrow account.

What Is Escrow?

Make sure you understand what escrow is and how it works to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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Woman uses laptop at home to review closing costs.

Closing Fees and Costs Explained

Prepare for closing on your new home buy reviewing all the potential closing costs you may encounter.

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Couple finalizes the closing process on home.

Understanding the Closing Process

Know what to expect on closing day, including what you’ll need to do and what documents you’ll receive.

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Man signing closing documents on purchased home.

What Documents to Expect at Closing

Here’s a list of all the documents you’ll be signing and receiving when you close on your new home.

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Man talking with home inspector.

Home Inspection FAQs

An important part of the homebuying process, the home inspection can be a buyer’s best friend.

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Woman unpacking after moving into new home.

What Is PMI and Will I Need It?

If you want to put down a lower down payment, you may need to pay PMI as part of your mortgage.

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