Loan FAQs

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about Home Loans, Home Refinancing, Auto Loans, Home Equity Lines and Loans, Personal Loans and Student Loans.


Home Loans & Mortgages

Learn all about mortgage points, the difference between an APR and an interest rate, and more.

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Home Refinancing

We’ll help you understand home loan refinancing, what a cash-out refinance is, and other key concepts.

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Home Equity Lines & Loans

Learn about home equity, lines of credit, home equity loans and other equity-related details.

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Auto Loans

Get details about preapprovals, what you’ll need to apply for a loan, and other info. 

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Personal Lines & Loans

Find out about origination fees, debt consolidation, getting a loan if your credit isn’t great, and more.

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Student Loans

Understand the basics of federal student loans versus private student loans and other must-know information. 

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