Building a Future

After years of debt, Suzie was ready to start over and build a future where she could be a homeowner.

Meet Suzie and read her UWCU Member Story.

I finally went to UW Credit Union after my fourth time cancelling the appointment with the Financial Specialist. I thought, ‘Suzie, stop. Just go. The worst-case scenario is you’ll be told no.’

I went there not expecting much help, but Jennifer was just awesome. In the past, at other places, I’ve been told so quickly, ‘No, you don’t qualify. There’s nothing I can do for you right now.’ None of those words came out of Jennifer’s mouth. She was really trying to understand, really listening and giving honest feedback. She said, ‘You’ve messed up, now let’s fix it and keep it fixed.’

For so long I’ve just been wanting someone to give me a chance. Within an hour, she gave that to me. 

Sometimes you need someone to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. I’ve been in debt for so long, in the same stupid cycle living paycheck to paycheck. All I want is to get it right.

Jennifer helped me set up a plan to pay off my credit card balances and get out of debt. Now, I have just one payment each month through UWCU. That’s one bill through one company, instead of multiple cards and balances and interest rates. I’ve freed up my budget and can actually save some money.

Now, I’ve got the fire. I’m ready to be a homeowner for myself and my kids. With UWCU, you have a team rooting for you, someone saying yes, someone giving you the tools to change.

For anyone struggling with debt, I’d say to just take that chance if you’re really ready to make a change in your life. Stop letting your past hinder your future. Stop listening to that voice in your head that says you can’t. Stop being your own worst enemy.

Walking through those doors to UWCU changed my mindset. Now, I can do this.

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